• Storytelling and Spoken Word Storytelling and Spoken Word

    Storytellers and Spoken Word artists are not simply public speakers! Storytellers and Spoken Word artists are as much performing artists as any musician, actor or dancer. The challenge of the craft is to tell a story in an EMBODIED WAY, meaning the tellers' ...

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  • Athletes Athletes

    No matter which sport or at what you level you play, you want to be your best when stepping onto the field or court. For club players, members of school teams, college and professional ranks, most athletes know that the ...

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  • Singers Singers

    Singers have a unique performance challenge owing to the range of performance anxiety symptoms that inhibit vocal expression, such as dry mouth, shallow breathing and muscle tension in the throat. For classical and opera singers, the margin of error is ...

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  • Musicians Musicians

    Singers and music performers are especially prone to performance anxiety or what is commonly called "stage fright". In fact, some research has shown that upwards of 80% of all musical performers have experienced performance anxiety at one time or another. ...

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  • Public Speaking Public Speaking

    Public speaking is a necessary and universal skill that is in high demand in today's knowledge and service economy. And yet, it is the number one fear that people have--even higher than DEATH! Being able to speak to groups with confidence, ...

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  • Job Interviewers Job Interviewers

    In this economy with an unemployment rate of 10% or more, it is more critical than ever that you perform your best when interviewing for a job. With thousands of people out of work and many competitors for the few ...

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  • Test Takers Test Takers

    Now more than ever, the ability to do your best on tests is the portal through which you must pass to achieve academic and career success in our society. Beginning with the SAT for college entry, GRE or LSAT for ...

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BrainScripting: Peak Performance for the 21st Century

My name is Dr. Patrick Gannon and I am a Psychologist and Peak Performance Specialist. I work with performers and athletes, and anyone interested in enhancing their performance. I integrate exciting new research on brain science and neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to grow new neural circuits when the brain is used in specific ways), and have developed effective strategies that help clients significantly enhance their performances. Do you want to improve your confidence and performance in public speaking, performing arts, college and professional athletics, sales or business management? I can help.

I have worked with professional singers and musicians preparing for auditions or performances; college and professional athletes who are trying to raise their game; management and sales people who want to improve their sales pitch; and brain surgeons who must perform at their best in life or death situations.

All performers need to learn how to best focus their physical and mental skills-on demand- to optimize performance.

My peak performance system is called BrainScripting and involves programming mental scripts–of our own choosing– into our brain so that we can optimize performance success. Research on neuroplasticity and neurogenesis (brain cell growth) shows that we can rewire our neural circuits–essentially we can grow the brain– in the direction that your performance requires. By imagining how we want to perform and by installing these mental scripts, we can change our brains to activate peak performance states. Two new brain based techniques are utilized to help install the mental scripts–Cardio Imagery & Rehearsal and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). These revolutionary techniques are implemented in a six session program that will capitalize on your performance potential. The 6-Session Program can be tailored to fit your personal schedule.

Email Dr Patrick Gannon or call (415) 751-8927

Find out more how Dr Patrick Gannon and BrainScripting can help you by meeting in San Francisco, your home, or globally via Skype.